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We endeavor to respond to any inquiries, no matter big or small. We are committed to provide information and support your needs to get the best packaging services possible.

To ever-changing market trends

With our modern packaging machines, we take care of all packaging and product finishing processes in the co-packing business. 

  • Labeling

  • Repackaging service (folding various types of boxes/inserts, packing new gift sets, modifying outer boxes)

  • Heat sealing service

  • Set assembly

  • Delivery service


About Us

New Plus Packing Service is committed to providing customers with one-stop professional packaging services from packaging material selection, product assembly to delivery service. The automated machinery, professional procurement, and packaging service teams help to solve various difficulties in time, cost, quality as well as delivery. Meanwhile, we can flexibly react to changes in the market and provide various packaging solutions according to customer needs. 

New Plus Packing Service has always enjoyed the privilege of meeting the needs of its prestigious customers through innovative ideas and packaging services. 


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